Rubitha Srikantharajah

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Journal article
Burger A, Srikantharajah R, Peukert W, et al. (2017)
Individualization and Stabilization of Zinc Oxide Nanorods by Covalent Functionalization with Positively Charged Catechol Derivatives
Chemistry-A European Journal

Journal article
Srikantharajah R, Schindler T, Landwehr I, et al. (2016)
From evaporation-induced self-assembly to shear-induced alignment

Journal article
Srikantharajah R, Gerstner K, Romeis S, et al. (2016)
Polarized Raman scattering and SEM combined full characterization of self-assembled nematic thin films

Journal article
Klaumünzer M, Kahnt A, Burger A, et al. (2014)
Surface functionalization and electronic interactions of ZnO nanorods with a porphyrin derivative
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Journal article
Schäfer S, Srikantharajah R, Klaumünzer M, et al. (2014)
Self-alignment of zinc oxide nanorods into a 3D-smectic phase
Thin Solid Films

Journal article
Jovanovic J, Srikantharajah R, Lienhart H, et al. (2011)
Microflow-based control of near-wall fluctuations for large viscous drag reduction
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

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