Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Roosen

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Journal article
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Materials Integration for Printed Zinc Oxide Thin-Film Transistors: Engineering of a Fully-Printed Semiconductor/Contact Scheme
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Journal article
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Journal article
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Conference contribution
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Conference contribution
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Electromagnetic analysis of conductor track surface roughnesses from 1 GHz to 110 GHz
Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA), 2014 International Conference on

Journal article
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Manufacture of Rotationally Symmetric Multilayer Refractory Devices for Steel Casting Applications by Spiral Winding of Ceramic Green Tapes
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Journal article
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Gelation of polyvinylbutyral solutions by the addition of tetrabutyl orthotitanate
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Journal article
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Journal article
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Journal article
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Journal article
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Quantitative analysis of crystalline and amorphous phases in glass-ceramic composites like LTCC by the rietveld method
Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal article
Stiegelschmitt A, Roosen A, Ziegler C, et al. (2004)
Dielectric Data of Ceramic Substrats at High Frequencies
Journal of the European Ceramic Society

Conference contribution
Stiegelschmitt A, Roosen A, Ziegler C, et al. (2002)
Dielectric Data of Ceramic Substrates at High Frequencies
Electroceramics 8

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