Nicolai Oetter

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Conference contribution
Aubreville M, Goncalves M, Knipfer C, et al. - Ed.: Sheldon Wiebe, Hugo Gamboa,Ana Fred, et al. (2018)
Patch-based Carcinoma Detection on Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy Images - A Cross-Site Robustness Assessment
Proceedings of the 11th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies (BIOSTEC 2018) - Volume 2: BIOIMAGING

Journal article
Stelzle F, Rohde M, Riemann M, et al. (2017)
Autofluorescence spectroscopy for nerve-sparing laser surgery of the head and neck-the influence of laser-tissue interaction
Lasers in Medical Science

Journal article
Aubreville M, Knipfer C, Oetter N, et al. (2017)
Automatic Classification of Cancerous Tissue in Laserendomicroscopy Images of the Oral Cavity using Deep Learning
Scientific Reports

Journal article
Stelzle F, Rohde M, Oetter N, et al. (2017)
Gingival esthetics and oral health-related quality of life in patients with cleft lip and palate
International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Journal article
Riemann M, Knipfer C, Rohde M, et al. (2014)
Oral squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue: Prospective and objective speech evaluation of patients undergoing surgical therapy
Head and Neck-Journal For the Sciences and Specialties of the Head and Neck

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