Shi Chen

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Journal article
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Exploring the Stability of Novel Wide Bandgap Perovskites by a Robot Based High Throughput Approach
Advanced Energy Materials

Journal article
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Suppression of Hysteresis Effects in Organohalide Perovskite Solar Cells
Advanced Materials Interfaces

Journal article
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Overcoming the Interface Losses in Planar Heterojunction Perovskite-Based Solar Cells
Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.)

Journal article
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Photoinduced degradation of methylammonium lead triiodide perovskite semiconductors
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Journal article
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Extending the environmental lifetime of unpackaged perovskite solar cells through interfacial design
Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Journal article
Guo F, Chen S, Chen Z, et al. (2015)
Printed Smart Photovoltaic Window Integrated with an Energy-Saving Thermochromic Layer
Advanced Optical Materials

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