Applied Mechanics and Materials

ISSN: 1660-9336
Publisher: Scitec Publications Ltd.

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Volume: 871, Pages range: 69-76
Semantic Meta Model for the Description of Resource and Energy Data in the Energy Data Management Cycle (2017)
Brandmeier M, Brossog M, Franke J

Volume: 871, Pages range: 252--261
Numerical Evaluation of Heat Transfer from Rotating Discs Separated by Sealing Elements (2017)
Praß J, Reinelt M, Franke J, et al.

Journal issue: 856, Volume: Energy Efficiency in Strategy of Sustainable Production Vol. II, Pages range: 151-158
Assessment of Process Improvement Potential of Carbon Dioxide as a Cryogenic for Machining Operations (2017)
Gross D, Hanenkamp N, Heinz A, et al.

Volume: 856, Pages range: 3-10
Investments in the Optimization of Energy Efficiency - A Comparative Study (2016)
Brandmeier M, Krinner A, Franke J

Volume: 856, Pages range: 181-187
Efficient and noise reduced design of axial fans considering psychoacoustic evaluation criteria (2016)
Zenger F, Münsterjohann S, Becker S

Volume: 856, Pages range: 174-180
Efficient and noise reduced design of a side channel blower considering psychoacoustic evaluation criteria (2016)
Münsterjohann S, Zenger F, Becker S

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