Key Engineering Materials

Journal Abbreviation: KEY ENG MATER
ISSN: 1013-9826
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications

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Volume: 742, Pages range: 158-164
Continuous powder extrusion for fabrication of carbon fibre reinforced aluminium (2017)
Saefkow M, List M, Schubert A, et al.

Volume: 654, Pages range: 47-52
Preparation of ZSM-5 zeolite membranes by combined hydrothermal synthesis and electrophoretic deposition (2015)
Negishi H, Reuß S, Schwieger W, et al.

Volume: 639, Pages range: 283-290
Experimental and Simulative Investigations of Tribology in Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming (2015)
Beyer F, Blum H, Kumor D, et al.

Volume: 672, Pages range: 47-59
Single nanogranules preserve intracrystalline amorphicity in biominerals (2015)
Wolf S, Böhm C, Harris J, et al.

Volume: 639, Pages range: 291-298
Measuring systems for sheet-bulk metal forming (2015)
Loderer A, Timmermann M, Matthias S, et al.

Volume: 639, Pages range: 251-258
Experimental verification of a benchmark forming simulation (2015)
Landkammer P, Loderer A, Krebs E, et al.

Journal issue: 0, Volume: 639, Pages range: 333-338
A new approach to the evaluation of forming limits in sheet metal forming (2015)
Merklein M, Maier A, Kinnstätter D, et al.

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