Bilinguale Fachlexikographie – Konzeption eines Fachwörterbuches zur antiken Baukunst Chinas

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Author(s): Rink C
Journal: Lexicographica
Publication year: 2017
Volume: 32
Journal issue: 1
Pages range: 138-204
ISSN: 0175-6206
Language: German


Ancient Chinese architecture has amongst other outstanding properties because of its complex structure a broad and confusing field of terminology, which includes a variety of terms that do not exist in German, or in other languages as well. Therefore, it is a necessity for a deeper understanding of the traditional architecture of ancient China to create a bilingual specialized dictionary from Chinese to German. This dictionary must comply with the knowledge of  lexicographical research. After the description of some important basics of the Chinese lexicography and the analysis of some mono- and bilingual architectural dictionaries of other languages, this spe­cialized dictionary will be based on Chinese and Western lexicographical standards including dictionary typology, functions and structures, such as access and textual structures, and macro­, micro and mediostructures in addition to types of indices, user purposes, content of lemmata etc.

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Rink, Christian
Professur für Germanistische Linguistik mit dem Schwerpunkt Lexikographie

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