Body Memory as a Form of Social Memory

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Author(s): Sebald G
Journal: Journal of Consciousness Studies
Publication year: 2018
Volume: 25
Journal issue: 7-8
Pages range: 181-199
ISSN: 1355-8250


Within a sociological framework, the concept of memory is detached from
its privileged link to consciousness and a concept of body memory is
developed as it is effective in social processes. As a first step, some
principles and distinctions of a sociology of memory are outlined. As
a second step it is necessary to analyse the processing of the present
into generalized forms of experiences, remnants, which can be used for
recollections. As a third step, the process of integrating these
remnants of the past into the present processes of meaning construction
is analysed.
After building such a conceptual scaffolding for (body) memory, a notion
of body is delineated, differentiated into four layers with reference
to classical sociological texts. The conclusion is made by interweaving
the different threads of body memory, which operates in social
processes, thereby
including all four layers of the body.

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Sebald, Gerd Prof. Dr.
Institut für Soziologie

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Sebald, G. (2018). Body Memory as a Form of Social Memory. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 25(7-8), 181-199.

Sebald, Gerd. "Body Memory as a Form of Social Memory." Journal of Consciousness Studies 25.7-8 (2018): 181-199.


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