Quantitative analysis of suture lines in Carboniferous ammonoids

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Author(s): Wegerer M, de Baets K, Korn D
Publication year: 2018
Volume: 21
Pages range: 223-236
ISSN: 2193-0066


Two morphometric methods are applied and compared for the analysis
of suture lines in Early Carboniferous ammonoids of the superfamilies
Pericycloidea, Girtyoceratoidea and Goniatitoidea. We analysed (1)
classic metric data (proportions of the width and depths or heights of
lobes and saddles) using multivariate statistic methods and (2) outline
data of the external lobe and the ventrolateral saddle of the same
ammonoid taxa using the elliptic Fourier analysis. Both methods lead to
similar results and simultaneously demonstrate ontogenetic and
phylogenetic trends of these ammonoids. Our results are consistent with
three previously suggested evolutionary patterns: (1) a general decrease
of the amplitude of lobes and saddles, (2) a proportional widening of
the external lobe and (3) a heightening of the median saddle.

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de Baets, Kenneth PD Dr.
Lehrstuhl für Paläoumwelt

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Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science / Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung

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Wegerer, M., de Baets, K., & Korn, D. (2018). Quantitative analysis of suture lines in Carboniferous ammonoids. FOSSIL RECORD, 21, 223-236. https://dx.doi.org/10.5194/fr-21-223-2018

Wegerer, Michael, Kenneth de Baets, and Dieter Korn. "Quantitative analysis of suture lines in Carboniferous ammonoids." FOSSIL RECORD 21 (2018): 223-236.


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