In-Situ Contour Detection of Additive Manufactured Workpieces

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Autorinnen und Autoren: Heinl M, Karl Schmitt F, Hausotte T
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2018
Tagungsband: ScienceDirect - Procedia CIRP 74 (2018)
Seitenbereich: 664-668
Sprache: Englisch


Due to the growing number of applications
for additive manufacturing (AM) there is an increasing need for enhanced
quality control methods. One approach is the in-situ analysis of manufactured
workpiece contours layer by layer and the associated melting pool dimensions to
ensure the conformity with the geometrical product specifications. For this
purpose an accurate optical detection of the workpiece contour in combination
with an alignment to the ideal layer model is needed. Considering a selective
laser sintering (SLS) process, edge-detection algorithms have been compared and
applied with improved settings. Image sets with varying illumination conditions
of different directions are recorded and evaluated. In addition, the influences
of the resulting shadows at the contour edges have been investigated. In this
context filter methods are tested to further optimize the captured images for
the detection process. Consequently an adapted in-situ measurement system is
implemented to achieve the specific requirements of powder bed based additive
manufacturing processes.

FAU-Autorinnen und Autoren / FAU-Herausgeberinnen und Herausgeber

Hausotte, Tino Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Lehrstuhl für Fertigungsmesstechnik
Heinl, Martin
Lehrstuhl für Fertigungsmesstechnik


Heinl, M., Karl Schmitt, F., & Hausotte, T. (2018). In-Situ Contour Detection of Additive Manufactured Workpieces. In ScienceDirect - Procedia CIRP 74 (2018) (pp. 664-668). Rosenstraße 50 90762 Fürth, DE: ELSEVIER.

Heinl, Martin, Fabian Karl Schmitt, and Tino Hausotte. "In-Situ Contour Detection of Additive Manufactured Workpieces." Proceedings of the 10th CIRP Conference on Photonic Technologies [LANE 2018], Rosenstraße 50 90762 Fürth ELSEVIER, 2018. 664-668.


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