Thermally Induced Growth of ZnO Nanocrystals on Mixed Metal Oxide Surfaces

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Autorinnen und Autoren: Inayat A, Makky A, Giraldo J, Kuhnt A, Busse C, Schwieger W
Zeitschrift: Chemistry - A European Journal
Verlag: Wiley-VCH Verlag
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2014
Band: 20
Seitenbereich: 8161-8169
ISSN: 0947-6539


An in situ method for the growth of ZnO nanocrystals on Zn/Al mixed metal oxide (MMO) surfaces is presented. The key to this method is the thermal treatment of Zn/Al layered double hydroxides (Zn/Al LDHs) in the presence of nitrate anions, which results in partial demixing of the LDH/MMO structure and the subsequent crystallization of ZnO crystals on the surface of the forming MMO layers. In a first experimental series, thermal treatment of Zn/Al LDHs with different fractions of nitrate and carbonate in the interlayer space was examined by thermogravimetry coupled with mass spectrometry (TG-MS) and in situ XRD. In a second experimental series, Zn/Al LDHs with only carbonate in the interlayer space were thermally treated in the presence of different amounts of an external nitrate source (NH4NO3). All obtained Zn/Al MMO samples were analysed by electron microscopy, nitrogen physisorption and powder X-ray diffraction. The gas phase formed during nitrate decomposition turned out to be responsible for the formation of crystalline ZnO nanoparticles. Accordingly, both interlayer nitrate and the presence of ammonium nitrate led to the formation of supported ZnO nanocrystals with mean diameters between 100 and 400 nm, and both methods offer the possibility to tailor the amount and size of the ZnO crystals by means of the amount of nitrate.

FAU-Autorinnen und Autoren / FAU-Herausgeberinnen und Herausgeber

Busse, Corinna
Lehrstuhl für Chemische Reaktionstechnik
Inayat, Alexandra Dr.-Ing.
Lehrstuhl für Chemische Reaktionstechnik
Kuhnt, Andreas
Lehrstuhl für Chemische Reaktionstechnik
Makky, Ayman
Lehrstuhl für Chemische Reaktionstechnik
Schwieger, Wilhelm Prof. Dr.
Professur für Technische Chemie (Reaktionstechnik)

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Exzellenz-Cluster Engineering of Advanced Materials


D Catalytic Materials
Exzellenz-Cluster Engineering of Advanced Materials


Inayat, A., Makky, A., Giraldo, J., Kuhnt, A., Busse, C., & Schwieger, W. (2014). Thermally Induced Growth of ZnO Nanocrystals on Mixed Metal Oxide Surfaces. Chemistry - A European Journal, 20, 8161-8169.

Inayat, Alexandra, et al. "Thermally Induced Growth of ZnO Nanocrystals on Mixed Metal Oxide Surfaces." Chemistry - A European Journal 20 (2014): 8161-8169.


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