Bow-tie effect: differential operator

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Author(s): Castro A, Ojeda-Cstameda J, Lohmann A
Journal: Applied Optics
Publication year: 2006
Volume: 45
Journal issue: 30
Pages range: 7878-7884
ISSN: 1559-128X
eISSN: 2155-3165
Language: English


We propose to use a differential operator for representing the influence of phase-only filters on the defocused modulation transfer function of the clear pupil aperture. We present a phase-only filter that implements optically Taylor's theorem in phase space. We show numerical simulations of the modulation transfer functions and the images that can be obtained by using the proposed filter.© 2006 Optical Society of America

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Castro, A., Ojeda-Cstameda, J., & Lohmann, A. (2006). Bow-tie effect: differential operator. Applied Optics, 45(30), 7878-7884.

Castro, A., J. Ojeda-Cstameda, and Adolf Lohmann. "Bow-tie effect: differential operator." Applied Optics 45.30 (2006): 7878-7884.


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