Late Jurassic radiolarians from the Antarctic Peninsula

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Author(s): Kießling W
Journal: Micropaleontology
Publisher: Micropaleontology Press
Publication year: 1999
Volume: 45
Journal issue: supl. 1
Pages range: 1-96
ISSN: 0026-2803


Radiolarian faunas from the type section of the mostly Late Jurassic Ameghino Formation (= Nordenskjold Formation) on the Antarctic Peninsula (Longing Gap, northern Graham Land) are described taxonomically, analyzed stratigraphically and interpreted paleoecologically, based on quantitative observations. Three hundred and fifty-nine species have been discovered in total; some two hundred of them are probably new. Twenty-eight new species and three new subspecies are described. The most abundant and characteristic species are used to present a regional radiolarian stratigraphy. The radiolarian faunas show distinct high-latitude characteristics. They are demarcated by high abundances of Parvicingula s.1. and spongy spumellarians, whereas Tethyan taxa like Mirifusus, Ristola, Tethysetta, Tritrabs, Syringocapsidae, Spongocapsulidae, and Xitidae are absent or very rare. The average diversity is high, but significantly lower than in coeval Tethyan samples. Cluster analysis reveals a major change in faunal composition near the early-late Tithonian boundary. The characteristics of the Antarctic radiolarian faunas allow an Austral Province to be defined extending from circum-Antarctica to northeast Australia. The Austral radiolarian province is similar to the Northern Tethys and Southern Boreal Provinces sensu Pessagno and Blome (1986), but exhibits some differences. The new data allow the biogeographic scheme of Pessagno and Blome (1986) to be revised and permit the introduction of a preliminary global paleobiogeographic map for the Tithonian.

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Kießling, Wolfgang Prof. Dr.
Lehrstuhl für Paläoumwelt

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Kießling, W. (1999). Late Jurassic radiolarians from the Antarctic Peninsula. Micropaleontology, 45(supl. 1), 1-96.

Kießling, Wolfgang. "Late Jurassic radiolarians from the Antarctic Peninsula." Micropaleontology 45.supl. 1 (1999): 1-96.


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