Fair partially blind signatures

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Author(s): Rückert M, Schröder D
Publication year: 2010
Title of series: Progress in Cryptology - AFRICACRYPT 2010
Pages range: 34-51
ISBN: 9783642126772


It is well-known that blind signature schemes provide full anonymity for the receiving user. For many real-world applications, however, this leaves too much room for fraud. There are two generalizations of blind signature schemes that compensate this weakness: fair blind signatures and partially blind signatures. Fair blind signature schemes allow a trusted third party to revoke blindness in case of a dispute. In partially blind signature schemes, the signer retains a certain control over the signed message because signer and user have to agree on a specific part of the signed message. In this work, we unify the previous well-studied models into a generalization, called fair partially blind signatures. We propose an instantiation that is secure in the standard model without any setup assumptions. With this construction, we also give a positive answer to the open question of whether fair blind signature schemes in the standard model exist. © 2010 Springer-Verlag.

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Schröder, Dominique Prof. Dr.
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 13 (Angewandte Kryptographie)

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Rückert, M., & Schröder, D. (2010). Fair partially blind signatures.

Rückert, Markus, and Dominique Schröder. Fair partially blind signatures. 2010.


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