Sequential versus Bundle Auctions for Recurring Procurement

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Author(s): Grimm V
Journal: Journal of Economics
Publisher: Springer Verlag (Germany)
Publication year: 2007
Volume: 90
Journal issue: 1
Pages range: 1-27
ISSN: 0931-8658


We compare sequential and bundle procurement auctions in a framework of successive procurement situations, where current success positively or negatively affects future market opportunities. We find that in bundle auctions procurement cost is lower and less risky than in sequential standard auctions, but still higher than in the optimal sequential auction. Only a sequential second price auction leads to the efficient outcome.

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Grimm, Veronika Prof. Dr.
Lehrstuhl für Volkswirtschaftslehre, insbesondere Wirtschaftstheorie

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Grimm, V. (2007). Sequential versus Bundle Auctions for Recurring Procurement. Journal of Economics, 90(1), 1-27.

Grimm, Veronika. "Sequential versus Bundle Auctions for Recurring Procurement." Journal of Economics 90.1 (2007): 1-27.


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