Three-Dimensional and with a Fine Structure: 3-D Technology on the Rise

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Author(s): Goth C, Kuhn T
Journal: Kunststoffe International
Publication year: 2015
Journal issue: 6-7
Pages range: 76--80
ISSN: 1862-4243


Molded Interconnected Devices (MID) are three-dimensional electronic assemblies (3-D). Their strengths lie in the great freedom of design, the degree of miniaturization attainable and the resultant weight reduction as well as in integration of numerous functions. These mechatronic systems are used in a wide variety of applications such as automotive, industrial electronics, medical devices, telecommunications and sensor technology. The following article highlights a number of interesting 3-D MID (injection molded circuit carriers) components. It discusses the trends in the fields of application mentioned that have a significant effect on the development of the processes, the equipment technology and, above all, the materials for 3-D MID technology. These include the growing demand for finer circuit trace structures that are considerably below the current standard of 150 µm, the necessary heat distribution for LED applications in particular, a high reliability despite increasingly stringent environmental regulations and cost-effective system solutions comparable to conventional technologies (e.g. rigid and flexible circuit boards). Accordingly, materials development is focusing on the production of finer filler particles, heat-conducting materials or systems and qualification of alternative high-performance grades as technologically and economically interesting alternatives to the proven LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) grade Vectra E840i LDS from Celanese GmbH, Sulzbach, Germany. Besides thermoplastic materials, new developments in the field of injection moldable thermosets are being evaluated.

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Goth, Christian
Lehrstuhl für Fertigungsautomatisierung und Produktionssystematik
Kuhn, Thomas
Lehrstuhl für Fertigungsautomatisierung und Produktionssystematik

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Goth, C., & Kuhn, T. (2015). Three-Dimensional and with a Fine Structure: 3-D Technology on the Rise. Kunststoffe International, 6-7, 76--80.

Goth, Christian, and Thomas Kuhn. "Three-Dimensional and with a Fine Structure: 3-D Technology on the Rise." Kunststoffe International 6-7 (2015): 76--80.


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