Diffractive-optical processing of temporal signals

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Author(s): Jahns J, Lohmann A
Publisher: The Optical Society (OSA)
Publication year: 2005
Pages range: 262-264
Language: English


The topic of this presentation is the utilization of time for optical
information processing. As clock rates in computing and communication
systems increase and reach the THz border, optical techniques for signal
filtering, shaping and clock distribution become attractive. We discuss
the use of optics in temporal processing and consider in particular
diffractive solutions. In this paper, we describe the use of double
diffraction for implementing an ultrafast tapped-delay line. © 2006 Chinese Optics Letters

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Jahns, J., & Lohmann, A. (2005). Diffractive-optical processing of temporal signals. In Proceedings of the ICO-20 (pp. 262-264). Changchun, CN: The Optical Society (OSA).

Jahns, J., and Adolf Lohmann. "Diffractive-optical processing of temporal signals." Proceedings of the ICO-20, Changchun The Optical Society (OSA), 2005. 262-264.


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