Preparation of Horizontal Slices of Adult Mouse Retina for Electrophysiological Studies.

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Autor(en): Feigenspan A, Babai N
Zeitschrift: Journal of Visualized Experiments
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2017
Heftnummer: 119
ISSN: 1940-087X


Vertical slice preparations are well established to study circuitry and signal transmission in the adult mammalian retina. The plane of sectioning in these preparations is perpendicular to the retinal surface, making it ideal for the study of radially oriented neurons like photoreceptors and bipolar cells. However, the large dendritic arbors of horizontal cells, wide-field amacrine cells, and ganglion cells are mostly truncated, leaving markedly reduced synaptic activity in these cells. Whereas ganglion cells and displaced amacrine cells can be studied in a whole-mounted preparation of the retina, horizontal cells and amacrine cells located in the inner nuclear layer are only poorly accessible for electrodes in whole retina tissue. To achieve maximum accessibility and synaptic integrity, we developed a horizontal slice preparation of the mouse retina, and studied signal transmission at the synapse between photoreceptors and horizontal cells. Horizontal sectioning allows (1) easy and unambiguous visual identification of horizontal cell bodies for electrode targeting, and (2) preservation of the extended horizontal cell dendritic fields, as a prerequisite for intact and functional cone synaptic input to horizontal cell dendrites. Horizontal cells from horizontal slices exhibited tonic synaptic activity in the dark, and they responded to brief flashes of light with a reduction of inward current and diminished synaptic activity. Immunocytochemical evidence indicates that almost all cones within the dendritic field of a horizontal cell establish synapses with its peripheral dendrites. The horizontal slice preparation is therefore well suited to study the physiological properties of horizontally extended retinal neurons as well as sensory signal transmission and integration across selected synapses.

FAU-Autoren / FAU-Herausgeber

Babai, Norbert, Ph.D.
Lehrstuhl für Tierphysiologie
Feigenspan, Andreas Prof. Dr.
Professur für Neurobiologie


Feigenspan, A., & Babai, N. (2017). Preparation of Horizontal Slices of Adult Mouse Retina for Electrophysiological Studies. Journal of Visualized Experiments, 119.

Feigenspan, Andreas, and Norbert Babai. "Preparation of Horizontal Slices of Adult Mouse Retina for Electrophysiological Studies." Journal of Visualized Experiments 119 (2017).


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