Round optimal blind signatures

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Author(s): Garg S, Sahai A, Rao V, Schröder D, Unruh D
Publication year: 2011
Title of series: Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2011
Pages range: 630-648
ISBN: 9783642227912
Language: English


Constructing round-optimal blind signatures in the standard model has been a long standing open problem. In particular, Fischlin and Schröder recently ruled out a large class of three-move blind signatures in the standard model (Eurocrypt'10). In particular, their result shows that finding security proofs for the well-known blind signature schemes by Chaum, and by Pointcheval and Stern in the standard model via black-box reductions is hard. In this work we propose the first roundoptimal, i.e., two-move, blind signature scheme in the standard model (i.e., without assuming random oracles or the existence of a common reference string). Our scheme relies on the Decisional Diffie Hellman assumption and the existence of sub-exponentially hard 1-to-1 one way functions. This scheme is also secure in the concurrent setting. © 2011 International Association for Cryptologic Research.

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Schröder, Dominique Prof. Dr.
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 13 (Angewandte Kryptographie)

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Garg, S., Sahai, A., Rao, V., Schröder, D., & Unruh, D. (2011). Round optimal blind signatures.

Garg, Sanjam, et al. Round optimal blind signatures. 2011.


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