Decomposition methods for mixed-integer optimal control (A05) (2018 - 2022)

Third Party Funds Group - Sub project

Overall project details

Overall project: TRR 154: Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation Using the Example of Gas Networks

Project Details

Project leader:
Prof. Dr. Günter Leugering
Prof. Dr. Alexander Martin
Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidt

Project members:
Richard Krug
Dr. Dieter Weninger

Contributing FAU Organisations:
Economics - Discrete Optimization - Mathematics (EDOM)
Juniorprofessur für Optimierung von Energiesystemen
Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Mathematik
Sonderforschungsbereich/Transregio 154: Mathematische Modellierung, Simulation und Optimierung am Beispiel von Gasnetzwerken

Funding source: DFG / Sonderforschungsbereich / Transregio (SFB / TRR)
Start date: 01/07/2018
End date: 30/06/2022

Abstract (technical / expert description):

The focus lies on the development of mathematical decomposition methods for mixed-integer nonlinear optimal control problems on networks. On the top level (master) mixed-integer linear problems are in place, whereas in the sub-problem only continuous variables are considered. The exchange between the levels is performed not only via cutting planes, but also via the modelling of disjunctions to deal with non-convex optimal control problems as well. The overall emphasis is the mathematical analysis of structured mixed nonlinear optimization problems based on hierarchical models.

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