Magnetic nanoparticle-based molecular communication in microfluidic environments

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Author(s): Wicke W, Ahmadzadeh A, Jamali V, Unterweger H, Alexiou C, Schober R
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience
Publication year: 2019
Volume: 18
Journal issue: 2
Pages range: 156-169
ISSN: 1536-1241


The possibility to guide and control magnetic nanoparticles in a non-invasive manner has spawned various applications in biotechnology, such as targeted drug delivery and sensing of biological substances. These applications are facilitated by the engineering of the size, selective chemical reactivity, and general chemical composition of the employed particles. Motivated by their widespread use and favorable properties, in this paper, we provide a theoretical study of the potential benefits of magnetic nanoparticles for the design of molecular communication systems. In particular, we consider a magnetic nanoparticle-based communication in a microfluidic channel where an external magnetic field is employed to attract the information-carrying particles to the receiver. We show that the particle transport affected by the Brownian motion, fluid flow, and an external magnetic field can be mathematically modeled as diffusion with drift. Thereby, we reveal that the key parameters determining the magnetic force are the particle size and the magnetic field gradient. Moreover, we derive an analytical expression for the channel impulse response, which is used to evaluate the potential gain in the expected number of observed nanoparticles due to the magnetic field. Furthermore, adopting the symbol error rate as performance metric, we show that using magnetic nanoparticles can enable a reliable communication in the presence of disruptive fluid flow. The numerical results obtained by the particle-based simulation validate the accuracy of the derived analytical expressions.

FAU Authors / FAU Editors

Ahmadzadeh, Arman
Schober, Robert Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Lehrstuhl für Digitale Übertragung
Alexiou, Christoph Prof. Dr.
Professur für Nanomedizin
Lehrstuhl für Digitale Übertragung
Unterweger, Harald Dr.-Ing.
Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Klinik - Kopf- und Halschirurgie
Wicke, Wayan
Lehrstuhl für Digitale Übertragung

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Wicke, W., Ahmadzadeh, A., Jamali, V., Unterweger, H., Alexiou, C., & Schober, R. (2019). Magnetic nanoparticle-based molecular communication in microfluidic environments. IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience, 18(2), 156-169.

Wicke, Wayan, et al. "Magnetic nanoparticle-based molecular communication in microfluidic environments." IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience 18.2 (2019): 156-169.


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