Hybrid Superconducting-Ferromagnetic [Bi2Sr2(Ca,Y)(2)Cu3O10](0.99)(La2/3Ba1/3MnO3)(0.01) Composite Thick Films

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Author(s): Ricardo Mejia-Salazar J, Perea JD, Castillo R, Evelio Diosa J, Baca E
Journal: Materials
Publication year: 2019
Volume: 12
Journal issue: 6
ISSN: 1996-1944


We report here on the development of composite thick films exhibiting hybrid superconducting and ferromagnetic properties, produced through a low-cost, fast, and versatile process. These films were made of high T-c cuprate superconductor Bi2Sr2(Ca,Y)(2)Cu3O10 (with Y:Ca ratio of 5%) and ferromagnetic perovskite La2/3Ba1/3MnO3, synthesized by melting-quenching annealing process on a MgO substrate. Curie temperature for La2/3Ba1/3MnO3 was determined (similar to 336 K ) by magnetic field assisted thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), while superconducting behavior of Bi2Sr2(Ca,Y)(2)Cu3O10/MgO films was observed through temperature-dependent resistance measurements. Superconducting features in our hybrid compound were corroborated by temperature-dependent resistivity and magnetic susceptibility.

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Perea Ospina, Jose Dario
Institute Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology (i-MEET)

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Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações – Inatel
Universidad de Ibagué
University of Valle / Universidad del Valle (Univalle)

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Ricardo Mejia-Salazar, J., Perea, J.D., Castillo, R., Evelio Diosa, J., & Baca, E. (2019). Hybrid Superconducting-Ferromagnetic [Bi2Sr2(Ca,Y)(2)Cu3O10](0.99)(La2/3Ba1/3MnO3)(0.01) Composite Thick Films. Materials, 12(6). https://dx.doi.org/10.3390/ma12060861

Ricardo Mejia-Salazar, J., et al. "Hybrid Superconducting-Ferromagnetic [Bi2Sr2(Ca,Y)(2)Cu3O10](0.99)(La2/3Ba1/3MnO3)(0.01) Composite Thick Films." Materials 12.6 (2019).


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