Evaluation of Ultrasonic Sensor Signals Using Fuzzy Logic

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Author(s): Vossiek M, Eccardt P, Magori V
Title edited volumes: Accoustical Imaging
Publisher: Springer US
Publication year: 1996
Pages range: 555-560
Language: English


Novel ultrasonic sensor systems are introduced which demonstrate the use
and strength of fuzzy logic for evaluating ultrasonic signals. As one
application the recognition of objects and situations by ultrasonic
means will be discussed. To inspect printed circuit boards the
correlation function of the actual signal from a board under test and
the reference signal is evaluated using fuzzy logic. The sensor system
does not only recognize assembly defects with high resolution and high
reliability, but also classifies the kind of defects. Another
application of fuzzy logic for ultrasonic sensor systems is the level
measurement of liquids or bulk materials. Employing fuzzy logic, rather
than Boolean, for discriminating the echo of the material surface, a
high performance of the sensor in critical environment conditions has
been achieved. Besides the basic principles of processing ultrasonic
signals with fuzzy methods the paper presents implementations of the
fuzzy algorithms on a fuzzy coprocessor (SAB 81C99A) or a digital signal

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Vossiek, Martin Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Lehrstuhl für Hochfrequenztechnik

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Vossiek, M., Eccardt, P., & Magori, V. (1996). Evaluation of Ultrasonic Sensor Signals Using Fuzzy Logic. In Accoustical Imaging. (pp. 555-560). Springer US.

Vossiek, Martin, P Eccardt, and V Magori. "Evaluation of Ultrasonic Sensor Signals Using Fuzzy Logic." Accoustical Imaging. Springer US, 1996. 555-560.


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