Fra-2 regulates B cell development by enhancing IRF4 and Foxo1 transcription

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Author(s): Ubieta K, Garcia M, Groetsch B, Uebe S, Weber G, Stein M, Ekici AB, Schett G, Mielenz D, Bozec A
Journal: Journal of Experimental Medicine
Publication year: 2017
ISSN: 0022-1007


The role of AP-1 transcription factors in early B cell development and function is still incompletely characterized. Here we address the role of Fra-2 in B cell differentiation. Deletion of Fra-2 leads to impaired B cell proliferation in the bone marrow. In addition, IL-7-stimulated pro-B cell cultures revealed a reduced differentiation from large pre-B cells to small B cells and immature B cells. Gene profiling and chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing analyses unraveled a transcriptional reduction of the transcription factors Foxo1, Irf4, Ikaros, and Aiolos in Fra-2-deficient B cells. Moreover, expression of IL7R? and Rag 1/2, downstream targets of Irf4 and Foxo1, were also reduced in the absence of Fra-2. Pro-B cell proliferation and small pre-B cell differentiation were fully rescued by expression of Foxo1 and Irf4 in Fra-2-deficient pro-B cells. Hence, Fra-2 is a key upstream regulator of Foxo1 and Irf4 expression and influences proliferation and differentiation of B cells at multiple stages.

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Bozec, Aline Prof. Dr.
Juniorprofessur für Osteoimmunologie
Mielenz, Dirk Prof. Dr.
Medizinische Fakultät
Schett, Georg Prof. Dr. med.
Lehrstuhl für Innere Medizin III
Stein, Merle
Professur für Immunologie
Uebe, Steffen Dr. rer. nat.
Humangenetisches Institut

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Ubieta, K., Garcia, M., Groetsch, B., Uebe, S., Weber, G., Stein, M.,... Bozec, A. (2017). Fra-2 regulates B cell development by enhancing IRF4 and Foxo1 transcription. Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Ubieta, Kenia, et al. "Fra-2 regulates B cell development by enhancing IRF4 and Foxo1 transcription." Journal of Experimental Medicine (2017).


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