Scalar material reference systems and loop quantum gravity

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Author(s): Giesel K, Thiemann T
Journal: Classical and Quantum Gravity
Publication year: 2015
Volume: 32
Journal issue: 13
ISSN: 0264-9381


In the past, the possibility to employ (scalar) material reference systems in order to describe classical and quantum gravity directly in terms of gauge invariant (Dirac) observables has been emphasized frequently. This idea has been picked up more recently in loop quantum gravity with the aim to perform a reduced phase space quantization of the theory, thus possibly avoiding problems with the (Dirac) operator constraint quantization method for a constrained system. In this work, we review the models that have been studied on the classical and/or the quantum level and parametrize the space of theories considered so far. We then describe the quantum theory of a model that, to the best of our knowledge, has only been considered classically so far. This model could arguably be called the optimal one in this class of models considered as it displays the simplest possible true Hamiltonian, while at the same time reducing all constraints of general relativity.

FAU Authors / FAU Editors

Giesel, Kristina Prof. Dr.
Professur für Theoretische Physik
Thiemann, Thomas Prof. Dr.
Chair for Theoretical Physics III (Quantum Gravity)

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Giesel, K., & Thiemann, T. (2015). Scalar material reference systems and loop quantum gravity. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 32(13).

Giesel, Kristina, and Thomas Thiemann. "Scalar material reference systems and loop quantum gravity." Classical and Quantum Gravity 32.13 (2015).


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