Washing away barriers

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Author(s): Li N, Brabec C
Journal: Nature energy
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Publication year: 2017
Pages range: 1-2
ISSN: 2058-7546
Language: English


Light-weight and stretchable, organic photovoltaics offer unique integration prospects. Now, organic solar cells and modules can also be washed while maintaining good photoconversion efficiencies. © 2017 The Publisher

FAU Authors / FAU Editors

Brabec, Christoph Prof. Dr.
Institute Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology (i-MEET)
Li, Ning Dr.-Ing.
Institute Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology (i-MEET)

Research Fields

Neue Materialien und Prozesse
Research focus area of a faculty: Technische Fakultät

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Li, N., & Brabec, C. (2017). Washing away barriers. Nature energy, 1-2. https://dx.doi.org/10.1038/s41560-017-0011-1

Li, Ning, and Christoph Brabec. "Washing away barriers." Nature energy (2017): 1-2.


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