Optimal control of a slot car racer

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Author(s): Penner J, Schlögl T, Leyendecker S
Publication year: 2017
Conference Proceedings Title: PAMM


In this contribution, we present a simulation method for the optimal control of a mechatronic system that is based on discrete variational calculus and apply it to compute the time-minimal path of a slot car racer. Here, the DMOC (Discrete Mechanics and Optimal Control) method is used to generate offline optimal trajectories for the electro-mechanically coupled system, i.e. sequences of discrete configurations and sequences of driving voltages. The time-minimal path is achieved by the choice of different cost functions, the sum of time steps, the negative sum of the quadratic momenta and the negative sum of the quadratic velocities. Simulation results show that the momentum formulation yields the lowest number of iterations.

FAU Authors / FAU Editors

Leyendecker, Sigrid Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Chair of Applied Dynamics
Penner, Johann
Chair of Applied Dynamics
Schlögl, Tristan
Chair of Applied Dynamics

Research Fields

multibody dynamics and robotics
Chair of Applied Dynamics
structure preserving simulation and optimal control
Chair of Applied Dynamics
Research focus area of a faculty: Technische Fakultät

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Penner, J., Schlögl, T., & Leyendecker, S. (2017). Optimal control of a slot car racer. In PAMM. Weimar, DE.

Penner, Johann, Tristan Schlögl, and Sigrid Leyendecker. "Optimal control of a slot car racer." Proceedings of the GAMM, Weimar 2017.


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