Gateless patterning of epitaxial graphene by local intercalation

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Author(s): Sorger C, Hertel S, Jobst J, Steiner C, Meil K, Ullmann K, Albert A, Wang Y, Krieger M, Ristein J, Maier S, Weber HB
Journal: Nanotechnology
Publisher: Institute of Physics: Hybrid Open Access
Publication year: 2015
Volume: 26
Pages range: 025302
ISSN: 1361-6528


We present a technique to pattern the charge density of a large-area epitaxial graphene sheet locally without using metallic gates. Instead, local intercalation of the graphene-substrate interface can selectively be established in the vicinity of graphene edges or prede fined voids. It provides changes of the work function of several hundred meV, corresponding to a conversion from n-type to p-type charge carriers. This assignment is supported by photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and Hall effect measurements. The technique introduces materials contrast to a graphene sheet in a variety of geometries and thus allows for novel experiments and novel functionalities.

FAU Authors / FAU Editors

Hertel, Stefan
Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Physik
Jobst, Johannes
Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Physik
Krieger, Michael Dr.
Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Physik
Maier, Sabine Prof. Dr.
Professur für Experimentalphysik (Rastersondenmikroskopie)
Ristein, Jürgen apl. Prof. Dr.
Lehrstuhl für Laserphysik
Sorger, Christian
Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Physik
Steiner, Christian
Sonderforschungsbereich 953/2 Synthetische Kohlenstoffallotrope
Ullmann, Konrad
Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Physik
Wang, Yabin
Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Physik
Weber, Heiko B. Prof. Dr.
Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Physik

Additional Organisation
Exzellenz-Cluster Engineering of Advanced Materials
Interdisziplinäres Zentrum, Center for Nanoanalysis and Electron Microscopy (CENEM)
Graduiertenkolleg 1896/2 In situ Mikroskopie mit Elektronen, Röntgenstrahlen und Rastersonden

Research Fields

B Nanoelectronic Materials
Exzellenz-Cluster Engineering of Advanced Materials

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Sorger, C., Hertel, S., Jobst, J., Steiner, C., Meil, K., Ullmann, K.,... Weber, H.B. (2015). Gateless patterning of epitaxial graphene by local intercalation. Nanotechnology, 26, 025302.

Sorger, Christian, et al. "Gateless patterning of epitaxial graphene by local intercalation." Nanotechnology 26 (2015): 025302.


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