An Integrated Approach for Exterior Noise Development

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Author(s): Bock F, Arsić D
Journal: ATZ - Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift
Publication year: 2016
Pages range: 34-37
ISSN: 0001-2785
eISSN: 2192-8800


Exterior noise has been one of the key factors in acoustic development in recent years. While each vehicle is supposed to contain a certain image, whether it be sporty or comfortable, regulations re g arding emitted noise still have to be met worldwide. Unfortunately, these regulations are not quite the same in all regions. The ever-increasing model palette at most OEMs and their international business indicate that more and more measurements have to be performed in shorter times. These not only include type approval and the conformity of production, but also the research and development cycle, as the requirements have to be taken into account at an early stage. Real pass-by measurements have been optimised in the past for a rapid workflow, thus saving as much time as pos sible, maximising reproducibility and enhancing the track’s capacity. However, the measurements require huge organisational effort, as vehicles must be transported to the test facilities, the weather has to be good and drivers  have to be be perfectly trained to be at the precise point for the measurements. More over, it is usually difficult to perform modifications to the vehicle or the measurement set-up on-site. Hence, it makes sense to build specialised test benches for the simulation of pass-by measurements. This approach also allows for further investigation in the field of NVHƒ during the research and development phase.

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Bock, Florian
Lehrstuhl für Prozessmaschinen und Anlagentechnik

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Bock, F., & Arsić, D. (2016). An Integrated Approach for Exterior Noise Development. ATZ - Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift, 34-37.

Bock, Florian, and Dejan Arsić. "An Integrated Approach for Exterior Noise Development." ATZ - Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift (2016): 34-37.


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