Laparoscopic instrument localization using a 3-D Time-of-Flight/RGB endoscope

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Author(s): Haase S, Wasza J, Kilgus T, Hornegger J
Publication year: 2013
Volume: null
Journal issue: null
Pages range: 449-454
ISSN: 21583978
eISSN: 21583978


Minimally invasive procedures are of importance in modern surgery due to reduced operative trauma and recovery time. To enable robot assisted interventions, automatic tracking of endoscopie tools is an essential task. State-of-the-art techniques rely on 2-D color information only which is error prone for varying illumination and unpredictable color distribution within the human body. In this paper, we use a novel 3-D Time-of-Flight/RGB endoscope that allows to use both color and range information to locate laparoscopic instruments in 3-D. Regarding color and range information the proposed technique calculates a score to indicate which information is more reliable and adopts the next steps of the localization procedure based on this reliability. In experiments on real data the tool tip is located with an average 3-D distance error of less than 4 mm compared to manually labeled ground truth data with a frame-rate of 10 fps. © 2013 IEEE.

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Haase, Sven
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 5 (Mustererkennung)
Hornegger, Joachim Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 5 (Mustererkennung)
Wasza, Jakob
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 5 (Mustererkennung)

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Haase, S., Wasza, J., Kilgus, T., & Hornegger, J. (2013). Laparoscopic instrument localization using a 3-D Time-of-Flight/RGB endoscope. (pp. 449-454). Clearwater Beach, FL.

Haase, Sven, et al. "Laparoscopic instrument localization using a 3-D Time-of-Flight/RGB endoscope." Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision, WACV 2013, Clearwater Beach, FL 2013. 449-454.


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