Quantum theory of charged black hole horizons

(Master thesis)

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Author(s): Eder K, Sahlmann H
Publication year: 2017


This thesis is devoted to the study of the quantum theory of charged black holes in the context of loop quantum gravity, extending the model of the quantum black hole as considered so far in the literature. We therefore consider Maxwell theory coupled to gravity de ned on a spacetime manifold with internal boundary described by an isolated horizon, construct the Hamiltonian formulation of the classical system, quantize the corresponding symplectic phase space and nally go over to the computation of the black hole entropy. We consider the spherically symmetric case in the U(1) framework as well as the distorted case following the SU(2) approach. The resulting picture depends signi cantly on the choices made for the quantization and the de nition of the state counting. We show that there is a choice such that the Bekenstein-Hawking relation holds. At the end, we use the theory in order to address the question whether there is a correspondence between the highly damped quasinormal modes and the area spectra of quantum charged black holes in the framework of loop quantum gravity. 

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Sahlmann, Hanno Prof. Dr.
Professur für Theoretische Physik

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Eder, K., & Sahlmann, H. (2017). Quantum theory of charged black hole horizons (Master thesis).

Eder, Konstantin, and Hanno Sahlmann. Quantum theory of charged black hole horizons. Master thesis, 2017.


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