Influence of Partly Closed Slots on the Differential Inductances

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Author(s): Graus J, Seilmeier M, Hahn I
Title edited volumes: 3rd IEEE International Symposium on Sensorless Control for Electrical Drives, SLED 2012
Publication year: 2012
Conference Proceedings Title: SLED
Pages range: 1-6


A prerequisite for sensorless field oriented control of permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSMs) at very low speed and standstill operation using signal injection methods is a sufficient saliency ratio of the differential inductances throughout the desired operating area. High frequency signal injection methods are very common in order to perform saliency tracking based sensorless operation. Vanishing saliency for certain operating points or a change of the sign of the difference of the differential inductances, which needs to be known for the sensorless algorithm, causes the loss of stability of the sensorless control method. A closed or partly closed stator slot geometry tends to show a local current dependent loss of the saliency even for low currents. This phenomenon typically shows up as a star-shaped pattern of the inductance surface as discussed further within this paper. © 2012 IEEE.

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Böhm, Andreas
Professur für Elektrische Antriebe und Maschinen
Graus, Johannes
Professur für Elektrische Antriebe und Maschinen
Hahn, Ingo Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Professur für Elektrische Antriebe und Maschinen
Seilmeier, Markus
Lehrstuhl für Elektrische Antriebe und Maschinen

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