Entanglement of polarization and orbital angular momentum

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Author(s): Bhatti D, von Zanthier J, Agarwal GS
Journal: Physical Review A
Publisher: American Physical Society
Publication year: 2015
Volume: 91
Journal issue: 6
ISSN: 1050-2947


We investigate two-photon entangled states using two important degrees of freedom of the electromagnetic field, namely orbital angular momentum (OAM) and spin angular momentum. For photons propagating in the same direction we apply the idea of entanglement duality and develop schemes to do entanglement sorting based on either OAM or polarization. In each case the entanglement is tested using appropriate witnesses. We finally present generalizations of these ideas to three-and four-photon entangled states.

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Bhatti, Daniel
Lehrstuhl für Experimentalphysik (Optik)
von Zanthier, Joachim Prof. Dr.
Professur für Experimentalphysik

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Oklahoma State University

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Bhatti, D., von Zanthier, J., & Agarwal, G.S. (2015). Entanglement of polarization and orbital angular momentum. Physical Review A, 91(6). https://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevA.91.062303

Bhatti, Daniel, Joachim von Zanthier, and G. S. Agarwal. "Entanglement of polarization and orbital angular momentum." Physical Review A 91.6 (2015).


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