Parallelizing the Dual Simplex Method

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Author(s): Bixby RE, Martin A
Journal: Informs Journal on Computing
Publisher: INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences)
Publication year: 2000
Volume: 12
Pages range: 45 -- 56
ISSN: 1091-9856
Language: English


We study the parallelization of the steepest-edge version of the dual simplex algorithm. Three different parallel implementations are examined, each of which is derived from the CPLEX dual simplex implementation. One alternative uses PVM, one general-purpose System V shared memory constructs, and one the PowerC extension of C on a Silicon Graphics multi-processor. These versions were tested on different parallel platforms, including heterogeneous workstation clusters, Silicon Graphics multi-processors, and an IBM SP2. We report on our computational experience.

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Martin, Alexander Prof. Dr.
Economics - Discrete Optimization - Mathematics (EDOM)

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Bixby, R.E., & Martin, A. (2000). Parallelizing the Dual Simplex Method. Informs Journal on Computing, 12, 45 -- 56.

Bixby, Robert E., and Alexander Martin. "Parallelizing the Dual Simplex Method." Informs Journal on Computing 12 (2000): 45 -- 56.


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