Hard deadline constrained multiuser scheduling for random arrivals

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Autor(en): Butt MM, Kansanen K, Müller R
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2011
Seitenbereich: 1540-1545
ISBN: 9781612842547


In this work, an opportunistic scheduling scheme for a large multiuser system is proposed. A group of users with good channels are scheduled simultaneously for data transmission and separated by means of superposition coding. The proposed scheduling scheme is analyzed in the large system limit. Random packet arrivals are modeled as constant arrivals with random content size. Transmission thresholds are optimized in such a way that the system energy is minimized while obeying a strict upper bound on the packet delay. We find that the state space representations of systems with either constant or random arrivals are equivalent. Thus, the thresholds optimized for constant arrivals in earlier work are valid for systems with random arrivals as well. © 2011 IEEE.

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Müller, Ralf Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Professur für Informationsübertragung

Autor(en) der externen Einrichtung(en)
NTNU Trondheim - Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Butt, M.M., Kansanen, K., & Müller, R. (2011). Hard deadline constrained multiuser scheduling for random arrivals. (pp. 1540-1545). Cancun.

Butt, M. Majid, Kimmo Kansanen, and Ralf Müller. "Hard deadline constrained multiuser scheduling for random arrivals." Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, WCNC 2011, Cancun 2011. 1540-1545.


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