Are Large Suburban Housing Estates Urban Threats?

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Author(s): Germes M, Schirmel H, Brailich A, Glasze G, Pütz R
Journal: Annales de Geographie
Publisher: A. Colin
Publication year: 2010
Volume: 119
Journal issue: 675
Pages range: 515-535
ISSN: 0003-4010
Language: French


Since the 1960s, large housing estates have shaped the physiognomy of suburbia in Western and Eastern European cities. This paper examines the constitution of meaning of this particular form of housing estate within three different national contexts (Germany, Poland, and France). We identify transnational and specific national discursive patterns that produce both particular social spaces and distinct social orders. A research design in discourse theory allows focusing on social phenomena in their specific context and thus serves as the appropriate frame of reference for such an international comparative study. We assume that the interlinkage of spatial (here/there) and social demarcations (familiar/foreign or safe/unsafe) is constitutive for the discursive production of spaces and social structures. Empirically, we base our study on major national newspapers. Combining corpus linguistic, lexicometric analysis with the analysis of articulation patterns, this paper explores differences and similarities, and ruptures in the discursive constitution of large housing estates. © Armand Colin.

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Brailich, Adam
Lehrstuhl für Geographie (Kulturgeographie und Orientforschung)
Germes, Melina Dr.
Institut für Geographie
Glasze, Georg Prof. Dr.
Lehrstuhl für Geographie (Kulturgeographie und Orientforschung)

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Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

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Germes, M., Schirmel, H., Brailich, A., Glasze, G., & Pütz, R. (2010). Are Large Suburban Housing Estates Urban Threats? Annales de Geographie, 119(675), 515-535.

Germes, Melina, et al. "Are Large Suburban Housing Estates Urban Threats?" Annales de Geographie 119.675 (2010): 515-535.


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