On electrostatic-viscoelastic simulation of dielectric actuators

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Author(s): Schlögl T, Leyendecker S
Publication year: 2015
Conference Proceedings Title: PAMM
Pages range: 421-422
Language: English


Describing and controlling the behaviour of dielectric elastomer actuated systems requires a suitable simulation model for the electro active polymers. This work is based on three dimensional finite elements to cover arbitrary actuator geometries. Maxwell’s equations for electrostatics are coupled with the momentum balance by an electrostatic stress tensor. Time de- pendent quantities allow for a description of the deformation process depending on time. A potential energy function that is composed of Neo-Hooke material behaviour, electric field energy and coupling terms covers the material properties. Vis- coelastic effects are included and account for time dependent strains. A discrete version of Hamilton’s principle leads to a structure preserving integration scheme for dielectric elastomers. The integration scheme is implemented in C++ and applied to examples. 

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Leyendecker, Sigrid Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Chair of Applied Dynamics
Schlögl, Tristan
Chair of Applied Dynamics

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Schlögl, T., & Leyendecker, S. (2015). On electrostatic-viscoelastic simulation of dielectric actuators. In PAMM (pp. 421-422). Lecce, IT.

Schlögl, Tristan, and Sigrid Leyendecker. "On electrostatic-viscoelastic simulation of dielectric actuators." Proceedings of the GAMM, Lecce 2015. 421-422.


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