Ruthenium carbonyl complexes bearing bis(pyrazol-1-yl)carboxylato ligands

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Author(s): Türkoglu G, Tampier S, Strinitz F, Heinemann F, Huebner E, Burzlaff N
Journal: Organometallics
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Publication year: 2012
Volume: 31
Journal issue: 6
Pages range: 2166-2174
ISSN: 0276-7333


The syntheses of the two dicarbonyl complexes [Ru(bdmpza)Cl(CO) ] (3) and [Ru(2,2-bdmpzp)Cl(CO) ] (4), bearing a bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)acetato (bdmpza) or a 2,2-bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol- 1-yl)propionato (2,2-bdmpzp) scorpionate ligand, are described. Both complexes are obtained by reacting the polymer [RuCl (CO) ] with either K[bdmpza] or K[2,2-bdmpzp]. Reaction of the acid Hbdmpza with [Ru (CO) ] results in the formation of two structural isomers of a hydrido complex, [Ru(bdmpza)H(CO) ] (5a,b). Under aerobic conditions conversion of [Ru(bdmpza)H(CO) ] (5a,b) to form the Ru(I) dimer [Ru(bdmpza)(CO)(μ-CO)] (6) seems to be hindered in comparison to the case for the η -C H (Cp) analogues. Dimer 6 is obtained via a reaction of Hbdmpza with catena-[Ru(OAc)(CO) ] instead. The molecular structures of 3, 4, and 6 have been obtained by single-crystal X-ray structure determinations. The precatalytic properties of the two dicarbonyl complexes 3 and 4 toward the catalytic oxidation of cyclohexene with different oxidizing agents are discussed as well. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

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Burzlaff, Nicolai Prof. Dr.
Professur für Anorganische Chemie
Heinemann, Frank Dr.
Lehrstuhl für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie
Strinitz, Frank
Professur für Anorganische Chemie

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Türkoglu, G., Tampier, S., Strinitz, F., Heinemann, F., Huebner, E., & Burzlaff, N. (2012). Ruthenium carbonyl complexes bearing bis(pyrazol-1-yl)carboxylato ligands. Organometallics, 31(6), 2166-2174.

Türkoglu, Gazi, et al. "Ruthenium carbonyl complexes bearing bis(pyrazol-1-yl)carboxylato ligands." Organometallics 31.6 (2012): 2166-2174.


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