Wavelength mismatch correcting elements for volume holograms written on a laser pattern generator

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Author(s): Lindlein N
Journal: Journal of Modern Optics
Publication year: 1993
Volume: 40
Journal issue: 4
Pages range: 647-661
ISSN: 0950-0340
eISSN: 1362-3044


Holographic optical lenses based on volume gratings commonly suffer from severe aberrations due to wavelength mismatch between recording (blue-sensitive material) and application (often employing diode lasers). Here, methods are described for the precompensation of the aberrations at the recording. Both, aberrations in the phase of the reconstructed wave from the desired wave ('wave aberration'), as well as aberrations in intensity resulting from deviations from the Bragg condition during reconstruction ('Bragg aberration') need to be compensated for. The design method for generating the computer generated holograms is described which are used as precompensating elements in the recording step of the interferometrically produced holographic optical elements. The computer generated holograms are written on a laser pattern generator. Test results of our laser pattern generator are shown to demonstrate its capability for this process. The measurement of the aberrations at the design wavelength in the near infrared is a very important step because it allows to eliminate in a second recording process misadjustment errors which will occur during the first recording step. By modification of at least one of the computer generated holograms the convergence of the procedure can be achieved. © 1993 Taylor & Francis Ltd.

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