Pollen Tube Development

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Author(s): Johnson MA, Kost B
Editor(s): Hennig, Lars, Köhler, Claudia (Eds.)
Title edited volumes: Plant Developmental Biology
Publisher: Humana Press
Publishing place: Totowa
Publication year: 2010
Title of series: Methods in Molecular Biology
Volume: 655
Pages range: 155-176
ISBN: 978-1-60761-764-8
ISSN: 1064-3745


Pollen tubes grow rapidly in a strictly polarized manner as they transport male reproductive cells through female flower tissues to bring about fertilization. Vegetative pollen tube cells are an excellent model system to investigate processes underlying directional cell expansion. In this chapter, we describe materials and methods required for (1) the identification of novel factors essential for polarized cell growth through the isolation and analysis of Arabidopsis mutants with defects in pollen tube growth and (2) the detailed functional characterization of pollen tube proteins based on transient transformation and microscopic analysis of cultured tobacco pollen tubes.

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Brown University
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences / Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet (SLU)

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Johnson, M.A., & Kost, B. (2010). Pollen Tube Development. In Hennig, Lars, Köhler, Claudia (Eds.) (Eds.), Plant Developmental Biology (pp. 155-176). Totowa: Humana Press.

Johnson, Mark A., and Benedikt Kost. "Pollen Tube Development." Plant Developmental Biology Ed. Hennig, Lars, Köhler, Claudia (Eds.), Totowa: Humana Press, 2010. 155-176.


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