New Version of SeismicHandler (SHX) based on ObsPy

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Author(s): Stammler K, Walther M
Publication year: 2016


The command line version of SeismicHandler (SH), a scientific analysis tool for seismic waveform data developed around 1990, has been redesigned in the recent years, based on a project funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The aim was to address new data access techniques, simplified metadata handling and a modularized software design. As a result the program was rewritten in Python in its main parts, taking advantage of simplicity of this script language and its variety of well developed software libraries, including ObsPy. SHX provides an easy access to waveforms and metadata via arclink and FDSN webservice protocols, also access to event catalogs is implemented. With single commands whole networks or stations within a certain area may be read in, the metadata are retrieved from the servers and stored in a local database. For data processing the large set of SH commands is available, as well as the SH scripting language. Via this SH language scripts or additional Python modules the command set of SHX is easily extendable. The program is open source, tested on Linux operating systems, documentation and download is found at URL “”

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Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR)

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Stammler, K., & Walther, M. (2016). New Version of SeismicHandler (SHX) based on ObsPy. In Proceedings of the EGU General Assembly 2016. Wien, AT.

Stammler, Klaus, and Marcus Walther. "New Version of SeismicHandler (SHX) based on ObsPy." Proceedings of the EGU General Assembly 2016, Wien 2016.


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