Generation of total angular momentum eigenstates in remote qubits

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Author(s): Maser A, Schilling U, Bastin T, Solano E, Thiel C, von Zanthier J
Journal: Physical Review A
Publisher: American Physical Society
Publication year: 2009
Volume: 79
Journal issue: 3
ISSN: 1050-2947


We propose a scheme enabling the universal coupling of angular momentum of N remote noninteracting qubits using linear optical tools only. Our system consists of N single-photon emitters in a Lambda configuration that are entangled among their long-lived ground-state qubits through suitably designed measurements of the emitted photons. In this manner, we present an experimentally feasible algorithm that is able to generate any of the 2(N) symmetric and nonsymmetric total angular momentum eigenstates spanning the Hilbert space of the N-qubit compound.

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Maser, Andreas
Institut für Optik, Information und Photonik
Schilling, Uwe
Graduiertenzentrum der FAU
von Zanthier, Joachim Prof. Dr.
Professur für Experimentalphysik

External institutions
University of Basque Country / Universidad del Pais Vasco (UPV) / Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea (EHU)
University of Liège (ULg)

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Maser, A., Schilling, U., Bastin, T., Solano, E., Thiel, C., & von Zanthier, J. (2009). Generation of total angular momentum eigenstates in remote qubits. Physical Review A, 79(3).

Maser, Andreas, et al. "Generation of total angular momentum eigenstates in remote qubits." Physical Review A 79.3 (2009).


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