ADM guidance-Ceramics: guidance to the use of fractography in failure analysis of brittle materials

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Author(s): Scherrer SS, Lohbauer U, Della Bona A, Vichi A, Tholey MJ, Kelly JR, Van Noort R, Cesar PF
Journal: Dental Materials
Publication year: 2017
Volume: 33
Journal issue: 6
Pages range: 599-620
ISSN: 0109-5641


To provide background information and guidance as to how to use fractography accurately, a powerful tool for failure analysis of dental ceramic structures.An extended palette of qualitative and quantitative fractography is provided, both for in vivo and in vitro fracture surface analyses. As visual support, this guidance document will provide micrographs of typical critical ceramic processing flaws, differentiating between pre- versus post sintering cracks, grinding damage related failures and occlusal contact wear origins and of failures due to surface degradation.The documentation emphasizes good labeling of crack features, precise indication of the direction of crack propagation (dcp), identification of the fracture origin, the use of fractographic photomontage of critical flaws or flaw labeling on strength data graphics. A compilation of recommendations for specific applications of fractography in Dentistry is also provided.This guidance document will contribute to a more accurate use of fractography and help researchers to better identify, describe and understand the causes of failure, for both clinical and laboratory-scale situations. If adequately performed at a large scale, fractography will assist in optimizing the methods of processing and designing of restorative materials and components. Clinical failures may be better understood and consequently reduced by sending out the correct message regarding the fracture origin in clinical trials.

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Scherrer, S.S., Lohbauer, U., Della Bona, A., Vichi, A., Tholey, M.J., Kelly, J.R.,... Cesar, P.F. (2017). ADM guidance-Ceramics: guidance to the use of fractography in failure analysis of brittle materials. Dental Materials, 33(6), 599-620.

Scherrer, Susanne S., et al. "ADM guidance-Ceramics: guidance to the use of fractography in failure analysis of brittle materials." Dental Materials 33.6 (2017): 599-620.


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