FastEBM - High Productivity Electron Beam Melting Additive Manufacturing Development for the Part Production Systems Market

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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüde

Beteiligte FAU-Organisationseinheiten:
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 10 (Systemsimulation)

Akronym: FastEBM
Projektstart: 01.01.2012
Projektende: 30.11.2013

Abstract (fachliche Beschreibung):

Electron beam melting additive manufacturing is used to produce successive layers of a part in a powder bed and offers the ability to produce components closest to their final dimensions, with good surface finish. At this time the process is faster than any other technique of comparable quality, however the parts are not produced at sufficient rate to make them economically viable for any but very high value specific applications. One key output of the project will be the knowledge surrounding the use of the high powder electron beam gun, including the process control, and modeled and validated understanding of beam-powder bed interaction. The target objectives is the transfer of the 2D model to a 3D model and its parallel implementation. The outcome of the simulation will be compared with real experimental data and therefore the model parameters are adjusted in such a way that the resulting numerical melt pool sizes correspond to the experimental ones. 

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Ammer, R., Ljungblad, U., Markl, M., Körner, C., & Rüde, U. (2014). Simulating fast electron beam melting with a parallel thermal free surface lattice Boltzmann method. Computers & Mathematics With Applications, 67(2), 318-330.
Markl, M., Ammer, R., Ljungblad, U., Rüde, U., & Körner, C. (2013). Electron beam absorption algorithms for electron beam melting processes simulated by a three-dimensional thermal free surface lattice Boltzmann method in a distributed and parallel environment. Procedia Computer Science, 18, 2127-2136.

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