Variational Methods for Dynamic Inverse Problems in the Life Sciences

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Prof. Dr. Martin Burger

Beteiligte FAU-Organisationseinheiten:
Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Mathematik (Modellierung und Numerik)

Mittelgeber: Europäische Union (EU) (EU FP 7 - ERC Consolidator Grants)
Akronym: LifeInverse
Projektstart: 01.03.2014
Projektende: 28.02.2019

Kurzbeschreibung (allgemeinverständlicher Überblick):

This project will develop novel techniques for solving inverse problems in
life sciences, in particular related to dynamic imaging. Major challenges in
this area are efficient four- dimensional image reconstruction under low SNR
conditions and further the quantification of image series as obtained from
molecular imaging or life microscopy techniques. We will tackle both of them in
a rather unified framework as inverse problems for time-dependent (systems of)
partial differential equations.

In the solution of these inverse problems we will investigate novel approaches
for the following aspects specific to the above-mentioned problems in the life

* Solution of inverse problems for PDEs in complex time-varying geometries

* Development of appropriate variational regularization models for dynamic
images, including noise and motion models

* Improved forward and inverse modelling of cellular and intracellular dynamics
leading to novel inverse problems for nonlinear partial differential equations

* Construction and implementation of efficient iterative solution methods for
the arising 4D inverse problems and their variational formulation All tasks
will be driven by concrete applications in biology and medicine and their
success will be evaluated in applications to real problems and data. This is
based on interdisciplinary work related to electrocardiology and developmental
biology. The overall development of methods will however be carried out in a
flexible and modular way, so that they become accessible for larger problem

Externe Partner

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster

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