Erforschung der Oberflächenpräparation und der Rückgewinnung von Aluminiumnitrid-Substraten

Third party funded individual grant

Project Details

Project leader:
Dr. Elke Meißner

Project members:
Sepideh Faraji

Contributing FAU Organisations:
Lehrstuhl für Elektronische Bauelemente

Funding source: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft und Medien, Energie und Technologie (StMWIVT) (ab 10/2013) ( - StMWi)
Acronym: ERASE
Start date: 01/03/2019
End date: 28/02/2022

Abstract (technical / expert description):

major goal of the project is the development of novel processes for the surface
preparation and reclaim of single crystalline Aluminumnitride (AlN) substrates
for the purpose of UVC LEDs production.

obstacles related to the substrate, which were identified as hindrance for the later
full performance and reliability of a device will be addressed. The development
of a reclaim procedure will contribute essentially to the cost reduction for
the production of UVC devices and to tap the full potential of the future
market of such devices. The project aims to contribute to strengthen the
national and international competitiveness of companies based in Bavaria
focusing on the development of optoelectronic devices for disinfection

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