Open Badges: An Open-Source Sensor Platform for Analysis of Social Interactions and Group Dynamics

Non-FAU Project

Project Details

Project leader:
Prof. Dr. Björn Eskofier

Project members:
Robert Richer

Contributing FAU Organisations:
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 14 (Maschinelles Lernen und Datenanalytik)

Start date: 30/05/2018
End date: 30/11/2018

Research Fields

Machine Learning and Data Analytics
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 14 (Maschinelles Lernen und Datenanalytik)

Abstract (technical / expert description):

and communication between group members get increasingly important in the task
of solving complex problems [1]. To measure the social interaction
and the dynamic of groups, members of the MIT Media Lab have developed an open
source sensor platform called “Open Badges”. The badges are used
to determine several parameters like vocal activity, proximity to other members
and location during a meeting, a workshop, a discussion or an event. After
analysis of these parameters real-time feedback can be given to improve the
behavior of members within a group. 

this joint MIT-FAU project, the existing sensor platform is expanded and
optimized for modularity and maintainability. Further measurement capabilities
are included in the platform and analysis and energy-optimization algorithms
are implemented.

External Partners

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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