Diffuse interface models for transport processes at fluidic interfaces

Third Party Funds Group - Sub project

Overall project details

Overall project: SPP 1506: Fluide Grenzflächen

Project Details

Project leader:
Prof. Dr. Günther Grün

Contributing FAU Organisations:
Professur für Angewandte Mathematik (Analysis und Numerik partieller Differentialgleichungen)

Funding source: DFG / Schwerpunktprogramm (SPP)
Start date: 01/06/2013
End date: 31/10/2017

Abstract (technical / expert description):

In recent years, diffuse interface models turned out to be a promising
approach to describe fundamental features of two-phase flow like droplet
break-up or coalescence. In the second funding period, novel
thermodynamical consistent phase-field models for species transport in
two-phase flow shall be derived with an emphasis on soluble surfactants.
Additional phenomena -- ranging from microscale effects like molecule
orientation over thermal effects to electrostatic interactions -- shall
be included as well. On this basis, new sharp-interface models shall
be derived by formal asymptotic analysis.

For selected diffuse-interface models, existence of solutions and
stability of fluidic interfaces will be investigated by rigorous
mathematical analysis. Stable numerical schemes shall be formulated and
implemented in two and three space dimensions. By numerical
simulations, partially guided by the "Leitmassnahme" Taylor-flow, the
models shall be validated and further improved. By numerical analysis,
convergence shall be established for the prototypical problem of
species transport in two-phase flow with general mass densities.

External Partners

Universität Regensburg
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen

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