IMMUNE: Immune against stress? - Validation of the German version of the STRAIN

Internally funded project

Project Details

Project leader:
Sarah Sturmbauer
Prof. Dr. Nicolas Rohleder

Contributing FAU Organisations:
Lehrstuhl für Gesundheitspsychologie

Start date: 03/07/2017
End date: 01/03/2018

Research Fields

Chronic Stress and Health
Lehrstuhl für Gesundheitspsychologie

Abstract (technical / expert description):

In further collaboration with Prof. George Slavich (UCLA) we continue our validation of the German version of  the Stress and Adversity Inventory (STRAIN) with parameters of the cardiovascular- and immune system.

STRAIN is an online tool that assesses a person’s exposure to stress over the life course. Differentiating between acute and chronic events, it measures frequency, severity, and duration of each event. Completing the inventory takes around 30 minutes.

As part of the validation, we investigate in this study the relationship of different indices of the STRAIN with well investigated parameters of cardiovascular function like heart rate variability and blood pressure. The parameters of interest within the immune system are markers of inflammation (Interleukin-6 and Interleukin-10) as well as gene expression of pro- and anti-inflammatory intracellular proteins measured with quantitative real time RT-PCR. Regulation of the HPA axis will be investigated with two diurnal cortisol profiles including wake-up response (CAR) and daily decline. 

External Partners

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

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