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Overall project details

Overall project: Energie Campus Nürnberg (EnCN2)

Project Details

Project leader:
Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm
Prof. Dr. Roland Ismer
Prof. Dr. Frauke Liers-Bergmann
Prof. Dr. Alexander Martin
PD Dr. Lars Schewe
Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Karl Gregor Zöttl

Project members:
Mirjam Ambrosius
Dr. Jonas Egerer
Julia Grübel
Thomas Kleinert
Vanessa Krebs
Sandra Kretschmer
Galina Orlinskaya
Simon Mehl
Bastian Rückel
Christian Sölch
Johannes Thürauf

Contributing FAU Organisations:
Economics - Discrete Optimization - Mathematics (EDOM)
Energie-Campus Nürnberg (EnCN)
Juniorprofessur für Optimierung von Energiesystemen
Lehrstuhl für Steuerrecht und Öffentliches Recht
Lehrstuhl für Volkswirtschaftslehre, insbesondere Wirtschaftstheorie
Professur für Angewandte Mathematik (Ganzzahlige und robuste Optimierung)
Professur für Volkswirtschaftslehre

Funding source: Bayerische Staatsministerien
Funding source: andere Förderorganisation (Wirtschaftsreferat Nürnberg)
Acronym: EMD
Start date: 01/01/2017
End date: 31/12/2021

Research Fields

Energy Markets
Professur für Volkswirtschaftslehre

Abstract (technical / expert description):

In the project “Energy Markt Design” within EnCN2 a team of researchers from economics, mathematics, and law analyses the economic and regulatory environment for the transformation of the energy system. The main objectives are to enhance the methods in energy market modeling and to contribute with well-grounded analyses to the policy discourse in Germany and Europe. For the electricity market, the focus is on the steering effect of market designs on regulated transmission expansion and private investments, as well as on the identification of frameworks at the distribution level that provide regional stakeholders with business models for the provision of flexibility measures. In order to address these complex issues, mathematical techniques are developed within the project that allow for solving the respective models. Another key research topic results from the advancing sector coupling in energy markets. Within EMD, gas market models, that are developed within DFG Transregio 154 (Simulation and Optimization of Gas Networks) in cooperation with project partners, are applied to evaluate the European gas market design. The long-term objective of the research group is an integrated assessment of the electricity and gas market design and their combined effects on investment decisions.

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